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Renee is a modern day renaissance woman and her passion is creating beautiful and useful things from natural resources. She works with plants, gemstones, crystals, pearls, silver, copper, gold, cotton, linen, wool, alpaca, leather and clay. She also makes amazing beauty products that are only made from the best natural ingredients available.

Renees Organics earth friendly boutique helps others to live a healthy lifestyle by living in harmony with the earth.

We search the world for unique and beautiful gemstones. 

Crystals are thought to be the most stable form of matter and are alive like everything else in the universe. They work with the human energy field to diffuse, absorb, move or shift energy within the body. 

Renees Organics supports earth friendly, mindful and healthy living.

We are mindfully living when we shop at farmers markets, buy from local artisans and move towards zero waste living. It’s never too late to transform your lifestyle. 

We all have a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat clean food. Keeping our earth and water clean is our responsibility.