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r e n e e s o r g a n i c s is an earth friendly boutique in Tampa featuring energetic jewelry, natural beauty products and handmade gifts from earth and sea. Be inspired to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Henna is a healthy alternative to conventional hair dyes. It covers gray beautifully and leaves your hair feeling amazing!

Do you want to balance your chakras? Choose your crystal or let your crystal choose you! 

Handmade pottery, scarves, shampoo body bars and more!  


True Beauty Comes from nature. Its a symbiotic relationship since nature sustains us. 

When we pollute the earth we are polluting our own body. We believe that everything in this world vibrates and there are natural products that vibrates on a higher frequency. Renee’s Organics offers the highest quality natural ingredients to our clients. We teach you on how to live a more conscious lifestyle.

Natural food, natural fiber, natural living are on a higher frequency. We believe in being environmentally friendly, having zero waste, and mindfully living so that our future generations can have a clean earth to call home.

“Great experience. Couldn’t find a Henna stylist in Tampa and after lots of search found Renee. As soon as you enter her space you feel the peace and beautiful harmony she emanates. My hair has never looked so healthy and shinny. I got the best haircut in many years. Love it.”

“I am deathly allergic to hair dye, so I have been on the hunt for a professional that knows henna. I found Renee and she is fabulous. My greys were getting so bad, I was using hair mascara daily. It has been two weeks since I went to Renee and my greys are gone – I LOVE IT…”

“Renee’s Organics is the only (I can’t stress this enough), THE ONLY, chemical free salon in Tampa. Period. All those other salons that claim they are all natural use chemicals on some level. Not Renee’s Organics. She henna’d my hair and it looks beautiful…”

“I got my hair done with Henna and Indigo yesterday and am so pleased with how it turned out. It went from dull and dry to rich, shiny and soft. For anyone who is interested in going the natural hair color route, Renee is terrific!”